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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

London Bike Show Success

Batribike was displaying and demonstrating the latest European built 2017 models at the London Bike Show last week.

Getting all the kit unloaded ready to build the stand
As usual build up day was fairly busy. When you arrive and empty the van it is hard to imagine that all those bits and pieces are going to transform into a sleek looking stand that will just be there for four days, before you take it all to pieces and pack it away again. This year we were hampered because I had injured my knee two weeks before. A torn medial tendon isn’t a great way to go to a show. However I had a strap on knee brace for support and managed well.

The frame for the back wall is taking shape

Stand complete and ready for show opening Thursday morning
Opposite our main stand and adjoining the test track we had the Batribike gazebo. We were able to demo all the 2017 bikes from there. On the first day the Delta proved extremely popular accomplishing 11 miles on the small test track.

The Batribike Delta on the stand
Thursday, the first day of the show, saw us busy with show visitors and members of the cycling press. Dave Atkinson from the cycling websites Road.cc and ebike tips was definitely interested in the styling of the new bikes. The next day the Batribike Perdu and Quintessential both featured in his “Hot 5 ebikes” from the show. Read what he said about them here - ebike tips

Batribike Perdu
Batribike Quintessential
It hardly seems any time at all before the show is over and it is time to pack up again. It’s not long until the Scottish Cycling show in Glasgow and we will be heading off to do it all again.

Time to pack it all away ready for the next time

Friday, 6 January 2017

New Year Resolutions? Electric Bikes Help Out!

The excitement of the Christmas holiday is over and the winter blues are starting to set in. Rather than ending up with failed resolutions to “get fit” or “do more exercise” that often end up with a new bike discarded in the shed. Why not consider an electric bike?

The Batribike Alpha
An electric bike is fun to ride and can take the strain out of hills and head winds. Surveys have shown that customers who choose an electric bike are much more likely to ride more frequently and to continue to use the bike after the novelty of a new toy has worn off. Or maybe the novelty doesn’t wear off! I certainly get the grin factor every time I go out on an electric bike!

2017 marks the tenth anniversary of starting Batribike and I for one still enjoy riding an electric bike, and it gives me that “electric bike smile” every time I set off down the road.

Riding a pedelec or pedal assisted electric bicycle isn’t about giving up and letting the bike do all the work. The whole principle is of the bike and rider working together. Distances are easier to attain and hills easier to manage.

Surveys say, and our own experience tells us, riders are likely to go out more often, and for greater distances. Government studies report that we get moderate exercise from riding an electric bike, all this can only be good for our health.

So, grab that New Year resolution by the horns and test ride one of the 2017, made in Europe, Batribike range. You might just find yourself smiling as you ride up the road!

Get ready for summer and pedal your way to fitness with ease and comfort
The Batribike Quintessential

Friday, 2 December 2016

Rising Congestion! Is now the Time to Buy an Electric Bike?

Congestion in cities and towns is rising, fuel and road tax increases are on the horizon, this could be the right time to buy an electric bike.

We hear that congestion in UK cities is the worst in Europe and that fuel price rises are set to add £5 to the cost of filling up an average family car. Parking is becoming more costly and less available. An electric bicycle could be a wise investment. Electrically assisted pedalling will enable the rider to maintain speeds of up to 15 mph making commuting by bike a real option.

News this week from data company Inrix is that there are more than 20,300 "traffic hotspots" (where drivers have to drop their speed by 65% for at least two minutes) in UK cities - well over double the number in Germany and twice that of France*. Inrix collected traffic information from car sat-navs, mobile phones and road sensors in 19 different countries, throughout September this year.

An electric bike from Batribike is classed as a bicycle and can therefore be ridden in cycle lanes and on cycle paths. No insurance, MOT, road tax or licence is required. An ideal form of transport for commuting, an electric bike assists the rider allowing destination clothing to be worn, you don’t arrive hot and sweaty! The option to take cycle paths and routes can often shorten a journey and certainly allows the rider to bypass congestion hotspots.

The latest 2017 range of European built electric bikes from Batribike are stylish and practical. Ideal not only for commuting, but for leisure riders too.

*Findings by INRIX Roadway Analytics.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Batribike Dealer Conference

Last week Batribike held Dealer Conferences in two parts of the country, one in Leeds and one in Swindon. Supporting our dealers and giving them the best insights into our products is important to us.

We were delighted to welcome two representatives from ProMovec the Danish company that supplies the electrics for our new European range of electric bikes. Technical presentations explained way the component parts of the system interact with each other and how a new battery analysing device will allow dealers to check customer’s batteries. The data ProMovec has been able to collect from battery analysis in the past has given them high confidence in their batteries. This has led to an excellent 2 year warranty as standard which is upgradable to 5 years, also in an unprecedented move these warranties are transferable.

A chance meeting outside the Swindon venue gave Revd. Trevor Day a chance to try the Omega. He had been attending an armistice service at the Lydiard Park Field of Remembrance. It was his first time on an electric bike and he was extremely impressed. Revd. Day is a part-time Minister for St Mary's Lydiard Tregoze and also the Sea Cadets.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Batribike, European Built Electric Bikes in Production

Batribike launched the new 2017 range of electric bikes at the Cycle Show at the end of September. We are all very excited about the new bikes and as various models are now in production the bikes are getting ver closer.

The Quintessential and Perdu along with the Omega are the first bikes being produced for us at the Baltik Vairas factory in Lithuania.

We received these pictures at the end of last week of the new bikes in production.

Monday, 3 October 2016

50 mile Charity Bike Ride by Batribike

Bob Mitchell came to talk to us on the Batribike stand at the recent Cycle Show. He was delighted with his Batribike Granite Pro and told us that he had completed a 50 mile charity bike ride on it.

He told us that when he first mentioned the ride his “other half thought he had something missing!” He had decided to do the ride representing Crossens Bowling Club where he is a veteran member. We weren’t as indelicate as to ask his age but he said that he remembered, “Many is the time I have cycled through the Mersey Tunnel, for the charge of three pence old money”.

The riders started by going through the Mersey Tunnel and then via Prenton, Heswall, Parkgate and Neston where there was an organised break, and on to Chester – the furthest point – for another break. The return journey “Not quite as scenic but still some very steep inclines to get up” was via another route and break at Wirral Rugby Club.

“With only fifteen miles still to ride and going up a hill alongside the M53 the battery was exhausted, so I walked to the top, there were plenty of others doing the same. A quick change of the battery and I gave some gel to another cyclist who was writhing in agony with a muscle injury.

Now on the final run, it was quite pleasing passing the Lycra brigade up hills, on a number of occasions, we passed each other three or four times, they getting the better of me down hill. Finally down through the tunnel, going back up the other side I was surprised to see how many had given up and were walking, not me, I had the honour of Crossens B.C. to uphold, so I shot through the tunnel, to be rewarded with a medal and a bottle of warm water. I still had to cycle to Brunswick station…. perhaps my wife was right!”

Thanks to Bob for sharing his story with us, we are delighted that the Granite Pro is working so well for him.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

New Batribike 2017 Range Launched at Cycle Show

The Cycle Show at the NEC in Birmingham is our most important show of the year. This time we were delighted to be launching not just one, but SIX new models. The new range of electric bikes for 2017 have really stepped up a gear, all are being manufactured in Europe. The superb quality of finish and the high standard of components certainly marks them as being top of the range.

As a family business we are all very hands on, this means that we are there to build the stand before the show opens. Our stand design is very modular so that we can adapt it to various locations and spaces. This year we had a new fabric graphic for the rear wall and we were absolutely delighted with the look when it went up.

The new bikes have the Batribike logo embossed on the frame before painting. Everyone at the show remarked on how great this looked. To complement this feature we had a similar effect on the front of our desk and on the cover of our new brochures. Look out for them in our dealers very soon.

The completed stand looked great and we had plenty of room to welcome visitors. In addition to the stand we also had one of each model in the test ride area where visitors could try out the bikes on the outdoor track. The bikes were kept very busy during the show.

The new range of European built bikes have been in the planning and design stage for over 18 months so it was brilliant to be able to finally announce our plans and to show off what we have been doing.

The Quintessential with 10.4 Ah battery "hidden" in the leather saddlebag
The Omega (step-through) and Alpha (crossbar) come in a choice of 3 colours
Thursday is the first day of the show and is a trade day. It was fantastic to see so many of our existing dealers had come to see our new bikes. They had travelled from as far afield as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as from all parts of England including Cornwall in the very South West and Northumberland in the North East.

Visitors to the stand kept us busy for the whole show

We were busy on the stand and in the riding area for the whole of the show. Apparently visitor numbers were up again making it the busiest in the show’s history! What was especially nice was that all the people we spoke to really appreciated electric bikes and were interested to see the latest designs.

The new Batribike Delta hardtail MTB was very popular
The Batribike range for 2017 is manufactured in Lithuania by Baltik Vairas using a Danish designed electric system by ProMovec. We continue to be the first and only electric bike company in the UK to fit the Datatag Stealth Pro security marking system to all of our bikes. We will also be offering the one month free electric bike insurance backed by Lexham Insurance that we launched last April. We believe that we have a unique and outstanding package on offer with the new bikes.

Manufacturing of the new bikes is about to commence with the first batch arriving in the UK before the end of October. Look out for the European built electric bikes on our website and look for them in shops very soon.